You never know what will happen.  At one moment, Darryl Chamberlain is telling an exciting biography and suddenly he might break into an old spiritual with his booming baritone voice.  Darryl Chamberlain is a trained baritone whose spirituals are a real treat to hear.  Chamberlain shares poetry and recipes and tidbits of information that your grandma might have told you!  Don't know how to make hoe cake?  Darryl Chamberlain will show you how slaves made hoe cake in the fields and yes, you can try it at home.  You have to be there to experience it.


The Gloryworks Experience makes you think.  You'll be introduced to people who went up against all odds to perform amazing tasks.  You'll meet a woman who decided that she would no longer be a slave.  You'll hear of a woman who hid from her master for seven years while living in her grandmother's attic.  You'll learn of a slave who taught himself to read and write. 


Chamberlain will challenge you to ponder what you can accomplish when you hear the story of a twelve-year-old boy who changed the export laws of Canada.  Yes, it's Art!  It's History!  It's an Experience and you really have to be there!